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MLW Continues to Address Scarcity of Working Space

MLW has opened new offices at Beit Cure as one of the options to deal with the scarcity of working space. The new offices, which are now occupied by the Maternal Health Group, were opened on 10 June 2022.

The group administrator for the group Ivy Madumuse hailed MLW for coming up with this idea because it will improve the productivity of the research group.

“At first, we had reservations when we thought of moving to Beit Cure but now that we have moved in, we love the new offices. The working etiquette is the same and we are happy to be occupying this space. We are working in a quiet and spacious environment that has the capacity to accommodate each one of us. There is also enough storage space to safely keep our study site files,” Madumuse said.

The space at Beit Cure has a capacity of over 50 people. It also offers amenities such as desks, a conference hall, a kitchen, tidy washrooms, and a large compound to allow employees to work productively.

Currently, MLW has over 800 employees and continues to grow. .  So far, MLW has the Laboratory Building, Malcolm Molyneux Building, Stores and Procurement, and Kafukufuku Building in Blantyre. MLW is also finalising the construction of the Chikwawa Building at the Chikwawa Field Site and constructing the CREATOR Building in Blantyre.