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Access to HIV & AIDS Information is key to Ending the Pandemic

Malawi Liverpool Wellcome (MLW) is of the view that with the right information about HIV and Aids prevention, the 95-95-95 Policy (which posits that 95 of every 100 people living with HIV should know their HIV status; 95 of every 100 people who know their status should be on treatment, and 95 of every 100 people on treatment should be with suppressed viral loads) can be easily achieved.

MLW’s Occupational and Health Nurse Steven Amos disclosed this in an interview on the sidelines of the World Aids Day commemoration held on Wednesday 1 December 2021 in Blantyre, Malawi.  Amos said raising awareness about HIV and AIDS among staff is paramount in achieving the tenets of the 95-95-95 Policy.

“MLW developed an in-house policy called HIV Workplace Programme to complement the efforts of the National HIV Reduction Policy. The HIV Workplace Policy at MLW aims at ensuring that information regarding HIV self-testing and prevention is readily available to all members of staff.

“With the right information, people will be making right choices to know their status and if found positive they should make sure they comply with treatment (ART) to achieve viral suppression,” said Amos.

Performances loaded with educative messages on HIV and AIDS from Mr. Malawi and MLW’s John Ndaferankhande added glamour to the event that began with the mass distribution of HIV testing kits and peer discussions on HIV related issues.  

World Aids Day is commemorated on December 1 every year. In 2021, the day was commemorated under the theme: End Inequalities, End Aids, End Pandemics.