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StevenGordonWelcome to MLW – a large, vibrant and successful research community in southern Malawi! We have a clear vision – 


MLW will
• Conduct research to benefit health and
• Train the next generation of researchers

MLW began by focusing on priority health issues in Malawi and cerebral malaria was selected as the first major challenge. Over 20 years, research discoveries and policy changes leading to implementation of effective interventions have resulted in major impact against infectious disease not only in Malawi but across the world. Particular successes have been reductions in malaria infection and death, reduction in rotavirus infection and diarrhoeal death and reduction in pneumonia and pneumococcal infection.


We have expanded over 20 years to now have 2 Programmes – prevention of death and reduction in disease transmission. We have 14 Research Groups spanning these Programmes and we are an international community of over 650 employees, working in more than a dozen locations and working from the molecule to the Ministry of Health, from the bedside to the bench and back as well as in the community.


A recent exciting development has been the rapid uptake and deployment of HIV self-testing to ensure early diagnosis and treatment to prevent HIV transmission. Large scale interventions to increase the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis have dramatically reduced TB detection in Malawi but TB remains a major challenge among men and people living with HIV. Our Immunology group is the largest and most vibrant in the region.


Please take a moment to explore our Research Groups’ pages on this website in order to sense the breadth and depth of our research. You might also wish to explore the Wellcome Trust, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and University of Liverpool webpages as well as the University of Malawi College of Medicine.


We welcome visitors to MLW.

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