Behaviour and Health

  • Strategic research questions

    1)      What are the factors that impact on decision-making and action for both treatment and prevention seeking?

    2)      How can we improve response to severe illness through social interventions at primary and community level?

    3)      What are the impacts, intended and unintended consequences of emergent health technologies?

    4)      How can we support ethical practice and engagement for research across the MLW programme? (Lead: Deborah Nyirenda)

    Cross-cutting sub-theme research questions Acceptability:

    1.       how is the concept of ‘acceptability’ relevant to understanding health and research engagement and what are the requisites to ensure empirical ‘acceptability’ across different interventions (Developing Lead: Pearson Nkhoma)

    2.       What is the impact of masculinity and femininity discourses on treatment seeking and engagement with health including emergent health technologies at community and health systems levels? (Lead on Masculinity: Moses Kumwenda, Lead on gender: Ellie Macpherson)

    3.    How do individual & community perceptions of risk translate to inform preventive and treatment seeking behaviours, engagement in emergent health technologies and avertive risk management strategies related to health? (Lead: Nicola Desmond)