staff 2017


Our Vision


To provide excellent health care services to study participants and patients and effectively manage the practical aspects of clinical trials in order to deliver the MLW vision of improving the health of the people of Malawi and elsewhere in the region through excellent research and research training in basic sciences, experimental medicine and public health.

What is our Mission?

To provide excellent technical expertise and high quality clinical care to study participants in the MLW projects and those in collaboration with clinical research programme


What is our Core Business?


  1. To provide high standard of care to participants in clinical trials with respect to their dignity and safety by utilizing clinical skills, knowledge, experience and clinical judgment.
  2. To develop and update generic SOPs, clinical procedures, protocols and policies as and when required.
  3. To promote staff development through clinical and research training, attachment opportunities and attendance at meetings of clinical and research importance to improve patient outcomes.
  4. To link with regional and international clinical research team to ensure efficient and effective use of evidence based interventions and research information/resources.
  5. To adhere to all specified observations, investigations and treatments in the management of study participants/patients.


Who is in our team?

The department has a clinical manager and a deputy clinical manager who are managing the research nurses and clinicians at QECH and its surrounding health centers including those in the field sites. Senior research nurses assist in the day to day supervision of clinical staff in all MLW clinic siates.