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Finance & Supply Chain Management

What is our mission?


Our mission is to provide excellent financial accounting and supply management services to MLW, Principal Investigators, fund administrators and funding bodies whilst maintaining a robust financial system in order to maximize financial resources; to maintain probity and confidentiality in all financial matters and to ensure conformity with international and Malawian law.


What is our vision? 


Our vision is to deliver comprehensive and timely financial services to all clients, both internal and external, to the MLW programme, and ensure that effective communications are maintained with service users.


What is our Core business? 


The core business is to:


  • Prepare financial reports, for MLW management, LSTM, Wellcome Trust and other funding bodies.
  • Prepare project reports for and assist Principal Investigators in the management of their budgets.
  • Spearhead financial accountability and financial procedures adherence.
  • Management of cashflows.
  • Maintain up-to-date accounts for research grants
  • Meet legal requirement in terms of tax payments
  • Proper management of stores and procurement functions
  • Audit facilitation and implementation of audit recommendations.
  • Provide strategic finance advice to SMT on financial matters


Who is in our team?


The accounts section consists of three individuals and the supply chain section within the department consists of four staff. Both sections are headed by the Finance Manager and deputized by the Assistance Finance Manager  and the Supply Chain Manager.