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Human Resource

What is our Mission? 

To ensure that we have a competent, effective and motivated workforce to meet the strategic objectives of the organization through ardent utilisation of the Human Resource Employment Cycle.


What is our vision?

Providing effective and professional support on Human Resources Issues to all departments


What is our Core business?

The core business of the department is:


  • To support PIs and other Team Leaders with human resources planning and recruitment; staff development; Staff retention
  • Policies and Procedures: ensure that the Terms and Conditions of Service and other HR policies are updated regularly and disseminated to relevant staff members
  • Information system management: maintain complete and up-to-date HR records for national staff, PHD students and international staff
  • Workforce relations: ensure amicable inter- and intra- departmental relations are maintained/enhanced within MLW
  • Talent Management
  • Performance Management: orient line managers to the MLW appraisal and performance management system;
  • Capacity building, Training and Staff Development
  • Contract management to mitigate financial risk
  • Human Rights and Labour Laws: To ensure that MLW remains compliant with Malawian legislative requirements, International Conventions and that any legislative changes are promptly reflected in our SOPs.


Who is in our team?

The department is headed by HR Manager who reports to the Chief Operating Officer. The HR Manager is supported by the Assistant Human Resources Manager, Senior Human Resources Officer, Training and Development Officer and Human Resources Assistant.