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What is our mission?


To provide secure, reliable and innovative technology solutions to MLW core departments and projects in alignment with organisational goals while delivering excellence in user support.

In support of this mission, we will:


  • Demonstrate technical and operational excellence through a commitment to professionalism and continuous improvement
  • Provide leadership for effective and strategic use of emerging technologies
  • Liaise with other departments to understand information technology needs
  • Ensure data confidentiality is adhered to at all times

What is our vision?


  • To provide a secure and conducive environment that supports and advances research activities in alignment with the organisation’s mission and goals.

What is our Core business?

Our Core values drives and guides us as we serve MLW community. As members of IT Department, we are committed to:


  • Help-desk Support & Training

  • Data Security

  • Network & Storage

  • Communication & Collaboration

  • Hardware & Software


Who is in our team?


The information technology department has a team of 5 members. The IT Manager, IT Systems and Applications Specialist, IT Helpdesk Administrator, Network and Security Officer and IT Officer.


Owen Mwenefumbo IT Manager

Owen Mwenefumbo
IT Manager
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