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What is our Mission?


To provide high quality laboratory support and research to MLW researchers, and diagnostic services to both the Departments of Medicine and Paediatrics.  This is to support the MLW vision of becoming an internally leading health research institution pursuing scientific excellence and improving the health of people in sub-Saharan Africa.


What is our Vision?



To provide high quality, Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) and ISO 15189 compliant, clinically relevant, and timely laboratory support to all Programme research activity and clinical services as required.


What is our Core Business?


The MLW Core Laboratory was first established in 1995 to do malaria slide reading and packed cell volume (PCV) and a limited blood and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) culture service. Since 1995 the department has grown in response to increasing number of research projects and the need to cover a wider range of tests.

From 2007 the Core laboratory was re-organised to reflect how the laboratory had evolved as the Programme has grown: separate Microbiology, Blood Sciences (haematology and biochemistry), Molecular and Parasitology sections have formed with a senior laboratory technician responsible for the daily running of each section.

As quality plays an increasing role in the laboratory a Quality Assurance Officer has been appointed and given oversight of all laboratory quality issues (core and project), including IQC, EQA, document control and audits and works closely with the Laboratory Management team to improve quality within the laboratory.  A Lab Archivist position was also created in order to ensure quality regarding specimen and isolate access and storage, and suitable control of the freezer archives.

The Laboratory Manager is also responsible for overseeing all PI-led laboratory research within the research laboratories, and collaborates directly with MLW researchers, as well as other external researchers and clinical staff based within the Departments of Paediatrics, Medicine and the College of Medicine as required.

Basic Laboratory Structure