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Health Innovation Competition - Call for Applications (Extended)

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The Malawi-Liverpool Wellcome Trust Science For All (Sci40) initiative is a programme that aims at promoting careers in clinical and biomedical sciences, targeting primary, secondary, and tertiary education students. In partnership with the MLW Science Translation team, we are introducing a health innovation competition for tertiary education students. We aim to raise the level of translational science priority and belief, as well as to stimulate students’ passion for health innovation.

We are seeking multidisciplinary teams to produce health innovations relevant to Malawi in the form of digital tools or physical products. Once a winning team is identified, they will work together with the MLW Science Translation team and its partners, including the host institution to further the development of the device or product. The award can include expert advice support, project funding support (up to MWK10 million) as well as identifying potential key partners or external funding opportunities. The competition is initially open to students from the College of Medicine (CoM), Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST), and the Malawi Polytechnic. Each team must be led by a lecturer/supervisor.

CALL OPEN - 15th JUNE 2020


Download the Application Form here and once complete submit it


Race to Malawi! LSTM Virtually Fundraises for COVID-19 Fight in Malawi

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Race to MalawiLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine’s (LSTM) Centre for Snakebite Research and Interventions (CSRI) has come up with a novel idea to support LSTM’s COVID-19 Response and Resilience Fund with a Race to Malawi Challenge.


This virtual fundraising event, which will be launched on Tuesday 5 May as part of Giving Tuesday Now, a global initiative, challenges teams to walk, jog or cycle the 8,268km from Liverpool to Malawi by collectively logging their daily (socially distanced) exercise.


According to the event’s organisers Dr Rachel Clare and Charlotte Dawson, the fundraising is a great opportunity to maintain team morale, support employee wellbeing and to raise money for a great cause.

Dawson said “The idea for this came from Colonel Tom Moore's amazing feat - we felt inspired to try and doing something to raise money and then it grew into covering the distance to Malawi! We wanted to raise money for the Response and Resilience Fund as strengthening healthcare capacity for our partners is not only vital during the COVID-19 crisis, but also for the future.”


According to LSTM’s fundraising manager Stacey Lavery, the initiative has raised £7,136 so far.


LSTM’s COVID-19 Response and Resilience Fund was launched to create vital funds that will support Malawi’s health system, enable more cutting-edge research to fight the pandemic now, and to help build resilience for the future.



MLW’s response to COVID19

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With the announcement of confirmed cases of COVID19 in Malawi, the country entered a new phase in the epidemic, which has affected almost the entire globe.

In these uncertain times, MLW has paused almost all its research work, with the exception of a few studies that offer clear clinical benefit to participants, for example to patients with cryptococcal meningitis.

Instead, for the foreseeable future, MLW’s objectives are to:

  1. Keep staff and their families safe by prevention of infection at MLW – to this end MLW is closed to all except key workers essential to the COVID19 effort, who are all working with full appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for their setting and task; the rest of our staff are working from home.
  2. Keep MLW’s existing skills, structures and resources working and intact, so we can help with clinical and public health response to COVID19

a) is continuing to support essential clinical services, such as the diagnostic microbiology laboratory for blood cultures and cerebrospinal fluid. MLW’s laboratory is supporting with COVID-19 testing, an important element in the fight against the disease.

b) is re-directing clinical staff duties, to deliver patient care in Queen’s hospital and other locations

c) is providing financial and in-kind resources towards the supply of equipment and critical items that are in shortage but are critical to the fight against COVID-19. For example we are sourcing PPE and oxygen delivery equipment for both MLW staff and our clinical colleagues.

d) is supporting with mass communication efforts supporting district health offices with provision of public awareness about COVID, self-protection and reduction of community transmission through audio and print media.


     3. Assist the national clinical and public health effort. To this end, MLW:

e) is financially and logistically supporting the delivery of an oxygen plant from South Africa, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, that will supply oxygen to the whole hospital (more than 100 beds) and allow us to refill bedside oxygen tanks

f) has set up a state-of-the-art respiratory support unit at QECH, with trained staff.

g) is conducting research projects with local partners, to help understand and tackle the threat to Malawi from COVID19 on many fronts.


We are thrilled to announce that the Wellcome Trust has granted MLW £2.15M in an Extraordinary Provision, to save lives, protect health care workers, and support the Malawi health services and College of Medicine. This Extraordinary Provision will assist with oxygen and PPE procurement and delivery and the other measures by which we are providing support in these difficult times. We thank Wellcome for their commitment to the long-term partnership with Malawi.