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Angeziwa Chirambo’s Posters Wins Prize at University of Liverpool

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Angeziwa ChiramboAngeziwa Chirambo is a joint PhD student who conducts her research under the Salmonella and Enteric Pathogens group of MLW. She recently won a runner up prize for her poster titled “Exposure to Enteric Pathogens in Malawian Children”.

Her PhD project is investigating the role of gastrointestinal tract microbiota in colonization resistance against enteric pathogens in Malawian children.


Faculty of Health and Life Sciences of the University of Liverpool has 8 institutions including the Institute of Infection and Global Health that is hosting Angeziwa during her one-year study in the UK. The faculty organizes a Postgraduate Researcher Poster day as an annual event. This year’s event which was held on 19 June 2018 was the largest with 150 poster presentations.

Congratulations to Angeziwa.


Science Communication Trains Southern Region Journalists

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Kondwani Jambo JIROn 14th June 2018, the Science Communication Department conducted a one-day intensive training in Blantyre for Journalists-in-Residence members and other journalists interested in health research reporting.

The aim of the training was to increase journalists’ understanding of health research and science reporting.

As one way of increasing interaction between researchers and Journalists, the training included a topic called 'In the Research Lab' which was presented by head of Viral Immunology research group Dr Kondwani Jambo. At the end of the training, journalists suggested that we should include more research topics in our future training.

The training registered 20 journalists from different parts of the Southern Region of Malawi.

In the picture, Dr Kondwani Jambo takes journalists through his presentation - In the research Lab.



We will miss Nurse Labes Njiragoma

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Labes Njiragoma

Nurse Njiragoma served MLW for 20 years, making her one of the longest serving employees of the institution. The Clinical Team and management bade her farewell on 19 June 2018. In a short interview with Pauline Mlogeni (PM), Nurse Njiragoma (LN) had some remarks for all employees at MLW as follows:

PM: Please tell us your experiences at MLW.

LN: I have had a good working experience at MLW since joining MLW in October 1998. I consider it both a privilege and honour to have worked for MLW. Collectively, we have made MLW a great place to work. Visions have been created and goals are being achieved. The working environment is conducive for staff to pursue excellence in their careers and personal development, for example, there are trainings and learning programmes that provide a boost in team work, workers’ morale and skill sets.


PM: How do you feel about winning the Best Nurse Award for 2018 at the International Nurses Day?

LN: I was very happy to get this award. I never imagined of getting such a prestigious award and I am thankful to fellow nurses for nominating me. It was both a surprise and an honour to have received the award.

PM: What are your plans after retirement?

LN: What comes to me at this moment is to relax, relax and relax some more. Later, I will begin chicken rearing as a business.

PM: What can you advise MLW staff?

LN: They should be open and trustworthy. The world needs openness and good hearts. Have positive emotions, be receptive and creative. As human beings, we go through both hard and good times, we make mistakes, we get disappointed in many ways but if we believe in ourselves, success is likely to follow. Having passion is vital. If we can figure out our purposes in life, we will take the right directions to pursuing our dreams. Hard work from everyone cannot be more emphasised. We need it to achieve our goals.