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Strategic Management Team (SMT)

The Director, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Associate Director, Senior Research Administrator, 2 Senior Scientists, Head of CRSU, Heads of HR and Finance. This is the most senior decision-making body at MLW - its remit includes the review of the risk register; the review of the management accounts; decisions about policies; decisions on remuneration and promotions; to approve large purchases and to define major areas of strategy.


Operational Departments

There are 12 Operational Departments (Finance & Procurement, HR, IT, Data, Laboratory, Clinical Services, Health and Safety, Grants Management, CRSU, Chikwawa and other Field Sites, Science Communications, Facilities). These are each headed by a Departmental Head who takes full responsibility for their department. During the current core grant period more responsibility has been delegated to these Departmental Heads including budget monitoring, procurement authorisations and the planning of activities. A significant programme of management and leadership training was undertaken over the last 2 years to support this transition and to ensure that these HoDs are more visible and identifiable as the primary decision maker and person accountable for the performance in their department.

Melita Gordon

Melita Gordon
Group Head: Salmonella and Enterics Group
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