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The initial Science Communication Strategy was developed in 2008 after a situation analysis was undertaken. However, since then there have been a number of changes that were not accounted for in as time progressed, for example, over the years the number of staff within the department increased from the initial 2, to a total of 5 by 2013 and increasing further to 7 by 2016. This also meant that a number of new innovative projects had to be introduce. With all these changes in mind, the department felt it was a good time to review the Science Communication Strategy to accommodate the developments.

The review begun in March 2014 and it begun by soliciting views and suggestions from different individuals within MLW, from Science Communication team, Behaviour and Health team, researchers to the Senior Management team. The review was primarily focusing on the current practices of public engagement and the areas that were envisage to improve our practice mainly through creation of close links with the MLW’s Behaviour and Health and increase our collaborations and partnerships. 

The other area that was considered as an important part of this process was the inclusion of a monitoring and evaluation component. 

The current strategy is therefore a reflection of our initial goal for the strategy review. Below is a synopsis of the current strategy.



SciComm Structure

Monitoring & Evaluation

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