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We deliver a set of targeted public engagement activities that highlighted pertinent issues around prevention of death by vaccines, behaviour change and syndrome management and prevention of disease transmission through improved diagnosis, treatment, and preventive behaviour. Some of our notable public engagement initiatives included:

Umoyo N’kukambirana (“Let’s talk about health”) Radio Programme: an interactive national radio programme. Radio is the most effective media outlet reaching up to 90% of Malawi’s population of 17 million, of which 80% live in rural settings with poor access to health information.

Dr Arox Kamngóna (PhD Microbiology) engaging with listeners during a live program on Umoyo N’kukambirana radio program.Dr Arox Kamngóna (PhD Microbiology) engaging with listeners during a live program on Umoyo N’kukambirana radio program.

Samala Moyo (“Care for life”) Exhibition: the first of its kind science/ health research exhibition in Malawi. There is currently no science/health museum in Malawi and schools are poorly equipped for teaching and discussion of relevant research science.  MLW’s Samala Moyo has two components, the permanent exhibition installed within the MLW premises and the outreach exhibition component, an initiative which brings the exhibition to the communities especially those in rural areas. With the permanent component, we are able to host half-day science experiences to 80 students per month, while the outreach component reaches out to approximately 1800 community members per month.


Students engage with exhibits                            Students engage with exhibits

Outreach exhibition with a communityOutreach exhibition with a community

Science Café’s: Our successful science café programme has seen a production of over 20 science cafés across various themes, reaching an average of 200 people per café.

Examples of some of our Science Café Topics.Examples of some of our Science Café Topics.


Journalist in Residence: this project brings together journalists, communities and researchers into dialogue, to generate health stories. We have seen an increase in MLW science coverage in all media, from newspaper headlines to radio broadcasts and prime time television.


Nkumano Community film shows and Debates: Nkumano implies a meeting intended to facilitate a conversation. Malawi thrives with a culture of community meetings that are the means for engagement on key community issues including health. We are currently hosting film shows using this traditional format, which result in important debates.