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Science Communication

Science Communication Department was established in 2008 with an initial specific objective of championing PR for MLW. Although that was the main objective at that time, it became more evident that more was needed to be done. During this time, medical research in Malawi was booming and the demand for meaningful engagement with research communities was also increasing.
In a quest to meet this demand and the requirements of our funders including Wellcome Trust, Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust (MLW) through its Science Communication department started to diversify its initiatives for public and community engagement. Science Communication therefore became an integral part of the research strategy.

Vision and Mission

Public engagement exists at MLW to promote ethical research practice by facilitating two-way engagement strategies between researchers and research participants. We achieve our mission through initiatives that empower communities to make informed contributions in research.

MLW is an exemplar scientific programme within the field of public engagement, benefitting from both academic leadership from our Behaviour and Health group, as well as the full capacity of an operational department.

All our current initiatives are designed to support both programme wide and specific research projects, focusing particularly around two main questions related to infectious diseases which are “How do we prevent deaths?” and “How do we reduce disease transmission?”

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