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Partners and Collaborators

Collaborations with our local and international partners are integral to our success.  Local partnerships include:

  • Malawi Broadcasting Cooperation (MBC): The Umoyo N’kukambirana (Let’s Talk about Health) Radio Programme has aired on MBC radio one for the past three years also. The station has the widest coverage and commands one of the highest listenership in the country.
  • Community and Youth Radio Stations: In order to expand the listenership of Umoyo N’kukambirana radio program, MLW has established relationship with Community radio stations and a radio station called Yoneco, which produce programs that target the youth.
  • Community Based Organizations: MLW through the Umoyo N’kukambirana radio program is working with community-based organizations in the targeted 12 districts to support the initiatives of the radio program by contributing towards the radio episodes through plays and songs but also sensitizing the communities they serve on the Umoyo N’kukambirana radio program.
  • Museums of Malawi: administers the four public museums in the country.  Museums of Malawi staff assisted in the planning, design and now implementation of the Samala Moyo (“Take good Care of your Health”) Exhibition. Museums of Malawi and MLW implement joint exhibitions in some parts of Malawi. Arrangements are in place to allow Museums of Malawi to borrow some of MLW’s exhibits to use at their Museums at targeted events.
  • Ministry of Education: Together with Ministry of Education, MLW implements engagement programmes including exhibition, students’ internship and the film projects and study specific community engagement activities.

International partnerships include Global Health Bioethics Network, funded through a Wellcome Trust Strategic Award and supporting ethics practice and research across the MOPs.  GHBN supports a PhD project on the Purpose, Relevance and Benefits of Community Engagement (Deborah Nyirenda) and a postdoctoral position (Kate Gooding, Behaviour and Health Group).

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