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IT Clinic and Training – A Recipe for Excellent Work Performance

The IT department conducted an IT Training and IT Clinic for upskilling, reskilling and providing knowledge on the use of IT systems and applications. The training was conducted from 15 to 18 November 2021.

MLW’s IT Systems and Applications Specialist Francis Nyirongo said this training aimed at improving user satisfaction and performance of IT systems and applications.  

“For essential excellent research services and other duties which happen here at MLW, staff members need to know how to advance their IT skills,” said Nyirongo.

The IT department will continue to upskill MLW staff in this area by conducting similar trainings, regularly.

The IT training was also aimed at fully concentrating on resolving user technical problems on computers of staff members. The IT department worked on computer virus scanning, computer operating systems and applications updates, Virtual Private Network (VPN), network connection issues, updating antiviruses on the computers, and Office 365. The training enlightened members of staff on the use of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Excel, and SAGE.