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Josephine Gondwe awarded the University of Oxford – Department of Population Health Studentship

Josephine Gondwe will pursue the MSc in Global Health Science and Epidemiology at the University of Oxford from October 2022. In addition to the MSc offer, Josephine has been awarded the Oxford Population Health Studentship, by the Department of Population Health, which will cover her full tuition and living costs for the duration of her studies. 

Josephine Gondwe is a CORE Pre-master research intern under the Infectious Diseases Epidemiology group (previously the Malarial Epidemiology research group). She joined MLW initially as a volunteer intern in 2021 where she was primarily acquiring research skills through mentorship and short courses provided by the institute.

Josephine Gondwe was awarded the CORE internship to undertake her study that aims to understand the impact of HIV on Treatment-Resistant Hypertension, as well as elicit other risk factors for the same among adults suffering from high blood pressure. 

To achieve her goal of becoming an epidemiologist, she applied for the MSc Global Health Science and Epidemiology at the University of Oxford. Appreciating how the MLW research environment has been of benefit to her, Josephine had this to say, “MLW provided me with the necessary research background that made my MSc application more competitive. I was able to network with senior scientists who also provided guidance that allowed me to make a successful application”. 

Full of excitement, Josephine says, “I am very excited to be realizing my dreams at an institution as prestigious as Oxford, and I look forward to gaining skills and knowledge that can help solve global health problems”.

Raise the flag higher, Josephine!!