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Journalists Date Mangochi Communities to Understand MLW’s FISH Study

On 28 April 2022, journalists that are part of the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome (MLW) Programme’s Journalists in Residence (JIR) Project visited beach clinics under the Fishermen’s Schistosomiasis and HIV Services (FISH) study in Mangochi.

The trip follows the presentation on Assessing the efficacy of an integrated intervention to create demand for Fishermen’s Schistosomiasis and HIV services (FISH) study in Mangochi done by study lead Dr. Augustine Choko during the JIR Interactive meeting held on 1 April 2022 at Moneymen leadership centre in Blantyre.

Speaking at Makumba fishing site, where one of the beach clinics is erected, Mibawa TV Presenter Mwai Ching’ang’a said the trip was beneficial because it helped her to understand schistosomiasis disease.

The epicentre of the trip was Makumba Beach Clinic where the journalists had the opportunity to speak to some of the participants of the study who shared their experiences in the study.

The number of journalists who visited the sites in Mangochi was 7 in total. These reporters were from Kulinji Online, MBC, Mibawa TV, Blantyre Synod Radio, Nation Publications Limited, and Zodiak Broadcasting Station.