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Maladrone Study Conducts Meeting in Kasungu

The Maladrone Study in collaboration with Science Communication Department organised a meeting on 17 January 2020 with Kasungu District Council’s office. The meeting was for approval and endorsement for the study to be carried out in the district. The meeting was also used as platform to consult and get input from the District Executive Committee (DEC) members to ensure smooth implementation of the study.

Speaking during the meeting Maladrone Study Pre-MSc intern Patrick Ken Kalonde explained that the meeting helped both MLW representatives and the DEC members to have shared understanding on using drones to identify mosquito breeding sites; and why the study was being conducted Kasungu district.

Kalonde further explained that the meeting was important to share the timeframe of the study, modalities for dissemination of results and for MLW representatives to know of related ongoing activities in the district, which the study may have to contribute to directly or indirectly.

Kasungu district Director of Planning and Development Annie Salama said the meeting was important because it provided the DEC members with accurate information to relay to other people in their respective institutions including communities in which they are working; which she said would help to avoid misconceptions, negative information and rumours spreading against the study.