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Maternal Health Group Shares Insights on Umoyo N’kukambirana Programme

Intensifying awareness campaigns on maternal and newborn care is the cost-effective measure for reducing the maternal mortality rate in the country amid interest to meet Sustainable development Goal Number 3 (SDG3).  This was revealed during Malawi Liverpool Wellcome’s Umoyo N’kukambirana radio programme series on maternal and fetal health.

Senior Research Nurse in the Maternal Health Group Laura Munthali said the country’s maternal mortality is accelerated by cultural, economic, and educational factors which also pose a serious threat to development.

Munthali said the government should develop policies and standards for all stakeholders in maternal and newborn health to follow if the Sustainable Development Goal Number 3 (SDG 3) is to be met.

 “A better Malawi for mothers and babies is possible with evidence-based policies and research. Discussions on maternal and newborn care promote awareness and understanding which help in reducing maternal and infant mortality and morbidity. It also raises knowledge gaps that provide research questions for future research in maternal and newborn health for improved health care interventions,” said Munthali.

MLW, through the Maternal and Fetal Health Group,  is conducting clinical trials, improvement and behavioral science, and laboratory work, with a focus on the important issue of improving the detection, management, and outcomes of serious infections during pregnancy and childbirth.