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MLW Concludes Training its Staff in Safeguarding

Malawi Liverpool Wellcome (MLW) has completed a series of safeguarding trainings with a call for refresher trainings to keep staff members abreast with the new policy.  

The Safeguarding Policy was designed to improve the work relations of staff members to prevent and address abuse and exploitation of fellow staff members and study participants.  

MLW’s Safeguarding Officer Eliza Mkutumula said for the policy to be effective and maintain the desired status, there is a need for biannual fresher training sessions to be embraced.  

Mkutumula said, “ To ensure behavior change, staff need to report safeguarding issues and the organisation will need to quickly respond to these reports and provide timely feedback. We all need to keep each other accountable and speak up when we see harm amongst ourselves and on study participants.”  

“I have noted that people are talking a lot about safeguarding matters and asking questions. I have been approached by people, calling attention to potential safeguarding matters and seeking guidance on what can be done to prevent harm.”  

One of the participants during the last phase of the safeguarding training Vincent Mkwinda thanked MLW for adopting a Safeguarding Policy. 

“As we all know, accountability is a key to ensuring that the policy achieves its intended goal. Knowledge of this policy will ensure that MLW staff members can recognise and report safeguarding issues thus ensuring that no harm is done to staff and even community members who work directly with MLW. Also, community members who take part in research activities will know what is expected of them as they carry out MLW duties,” expressed Mkwinda. 

A safeguarding training session that was organised on 28 September 2021 was the last one.