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MLW Launches Emerging Insights Television Programme

MLW has launched a new health television talk show known as Emerging Insights this February 2022. The talk show is being aired on Times TV and Mibawa TV.

MLW launched this programme to reach out to a wider audience with health research information presented in a simple manner while also reaching out to decisions and policymakers on matters of national health importance. The first episode aired on 20th February on Times Television at 4 pm and featured Dr. Fumbani Limani and Josephine Chilongo who spoke about the TyVac study and in particular the Typhoid Vaccine.

Dr. Fumbani Limani said there is hope that through the talk show, Malawians will learn and understand deeper phenomena of health research and improve their knowledge on different diseases.

“This television talk show will debunk myths that are shared in communities concerning diseases and their management. This will lead to better health-seeking behaviors and health promotion” Dr. Fumbani said.

The show will be produced once a month and will centre on health topics and research conducted at MLW, and health topics that are of greater concern to Malawians. This show will also have an in-studio audience.

One of Umoyo Nkukambirana radio programme’s interactive listeners, Joseph Chingwalu, said it is such a good thing to see MLW making strides in reaching more segmented audiences. He said having an in-studio audience for the programme will enhance interactions between researchers and Malawians on health issues affecting them.

The main targeted audience includes researchers, academicians, students, policymakers, health workers, and the public.

Apart from airing on Mibawa TV and Times TV, episodes of the programme will be also uploaded on the MLW YouTube page. The link to the first episode of the programme is: