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MLW’s 30 Days Healthy Lifestyle Completed

A journey that otherwise looked impossible to complete came to an end on 30 April 2022.  This was a 30-day health challenge that started on 1 April and was part of MLW’s wellness programmes for the year 2022 to improve the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of its employees.

To celebrate the people who were part of this challenge, MLW organized a party on 2 May at MLW premises in Blantyre. This party brought the participants of the challenge together to celebrate their milestones and share their experiences through the journey.

Occupational Health nurse Stephen Amos hailed the MLW community for taking part in the programme saying it only shows unity among MLW members of staff.

“The challenge had dimensional benefits ranging from individual to organisational level. The challenge was part of the wellness programmes designed to build a healthy workforce,” said Amos.

In her remarks at the party, one of the challenge participants, Ebbie Gondwe, said taking part in this challenge was a game-changer for her.

“I am delighted to have taken part in this challenge. One full month of waking up to a new thing was motivating. Furthermore, knowing that you are in a challenge with several other people gave me a sense of belonging” Gondwe pointed out.

In his comment, Nyadani Gwadani from the Data Support Unit said the challenge helped eradicate some bad habits which were rather hard to get rid of. He mentioned cellphone addiction which was very hard to overcome. Gwadani said he has managed to get rid of this behavior by simply taking part in the challenge.

“Such challenges show how important physical activity is to improve people’s health. I will keep on challenging myself to keep on living a healthy life which will not benefit myself but also my productivity at work and thus also benefits the organisation,” said Gwadani.

Meanwhile, Amos has encouraged MLW members of staff to join the challenge and patronise upcoming wellness programmes in the interest of health and quality work.