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Professor Corbett elected Fellow at Academy of Medical Sciences

TB research group lead Professor Liz Corbett has been elected as a Fellow for Academy of Medical Sciences. In her remarks, Professor Corbett said she is delighted and honoured to have been elected to the Academy, which is welcome for the inherent recognition of the dedication, drive and output of her research team at MLW, in Malawi, and with collaborators in UK, Zimbabwe and  in Southern Africa.


” I have been based in London School, funded by the Wellcome Trust to live and work in Africa since 1996, with just one year in UK. My focus for the last 15 years has been on the development and evaluation of novel diagnostic intervention strategies for improving HIV and TB health outcomes and control at community-level. My field has been transformed by the Global Health Initiatives, to which the UK Government is a generous donor, and it has been my great pleasure to have been able to contribute to regional policy and practice,” said Corbett.


Professor Liz Corbett is a Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow and a Clinical Epidemiologist with LSHTM, based full time in Blantyre, Malawi. Her main research interests concern control of TB in HIV prevalent populations from the public health perspective, with a focus on the epidemiology at primary care and community level, and intervention trials. She works closely with the HIV and Global TB Departments of WHO and she is a member of the TB Strategic and Technical Advisory Group and several Working/Guideline Groups. She has ongoing research in active case-finding for TB, and randomised clinical trials evaluating HIV self-testing, new TB diagnostics and treatment for adolescent long-term survivors of mother-to-child transmission of HIV infection. She holds the Research Directorship of an implementation-research consortium funded by UNITAID to scale-up HIV self-testing in Southern Africa and provide evidence for WHO guideline development.