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Science for All Initiative Harnesses World Children’s Day to Inspire Kids

Dancing to the global tune, the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome (MLW) Programme’s Science for All Initiative (SCI4O) colorfully celebrated World Children’s Day on Saturday, November 19, 2022.

The student-centred initiative utilised World Children’s Day to engage MLW staff’s children in flashy, motivating, and inspiring activities.

SCI4O Coordinator Agness Lakudzala said the event was special because it drew together children from various primary and secondary schools in Blantyre unlike other projects by the Science for All that target schools with Science for All established clubs.

One of the children who took part in the celebrations, Damson Mtewa, a Standard Five learner at Limbe Primary School said, “Today I have learned that we have to live happily with our friends, and we need to strengthen our relationships as they are important in building our future.”

Among other activities, the children’s day was characterized by a Laboratory tour, motivational talks, and science and talent exhibitions.

The fun-dominated event was patronised by over 130 children from Blantyre cladding in branded white t-shirts and it has been held under the global theme: Equality and Inclusion for every child.