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Sports is a Tool For Unity At a Workplace

MLW organised a sports day for its members of staff on 26 March 2022 at KuHES Sports Complex to motivate and increase the participation of MLW staff in wellness programmes. Dubbed MLW Derby, the day included sporting activities such as football, netball and volleyball. In football, field workers played against medics with the medics earning a one nil victory against the field workers.

Speaking after the tournament, MLW’s Occupation Health Nurse Stephen Amos said sports activities are important for increased productivity and health of employees and could be used as tools for managing stress.

“People who participate in wellness activities are most likely to be healthy and productive at work. We should learn to take advantage of these wellness programmes to get away from work-related stress” he said.

One staff member from the Maternal Health Group Leonard Mndala described the event as therapeutic. He said that this day helped him to bond with co-workers.

“Interacting with co-workers is very important in creating an effective and healthy working environment. I have learnt that participating in wellness programmes at work helps in building the spirit of unity, coordination, and strong networks. For the first time, I interacted with some colleagues whom I barely interact with on workdays. So, besides sports being a good way to keep physical fitness, it is one way that could enhance social relations. This is the way to go if we are to have to be more united,” Mndala commented.

For a healthier MLW, a 30-day challenge has also been introduced and will run from 1 – 30 April 2022. This 30-Day Challenge is designed to improve the physical, mental, and emotional health of members of staff with small, simple actions each day.