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The Battle Against Asthma on Right Track

Increased understanding of asthma among parents with asthmatic children is a key to effective Asthma management. MLW’s ACACIA Study Project Manager Elizabeth Mkutumula made the remarks following Focus Group Discussions (FDGs) she had with Parents and Children who participated in Children’s Air Pollution Profiles in Africa (CAPPA) study.

The FDGs were held on 14 March 2022 aimed to understand the knowledge of asthma among guardians of (and) children with Asthma.

Mkutumula said, “These FDGs were planned to learn what children with asthmatic symptoms and their guardians know about air pollution, the different sources of air pollutions in their environment and how air pollution affects asthma symptoms”.

Mkutumula said those who engaged in the FDGs demonstrated an understanding of air pollution and its effects to people with asthma symptoms.

Highlighting the significance of the research, she said findings of CAPPA study will inform improved asthma management in Africa.

“The findings of this study will add to the body of evidence on how pollution affects children with asthma in Sub-Saharan Africa which will ensure improved care with regards to prevention and treatment, “said Mkutumula.

According to Mkutumula the findings of the study will be available by November 2022 as data collection is still underway.