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The Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS) , and Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme (MLW, are committed to promoting research and research training led by Malawian & International Scientists. The aim is to improve the health of people in Malawi and elsewhere in the Region. Collectively, the KUHeS and MLW have a unique translational research portfolio which links an excellent laboratory research base to strong hospital and community-based research and high-level policy formulation. The KUHeS research agenda is broad ranging from disease-focussed thematic areas such as HIV, malaria and cancer to multi-disciplinary thematic areas such as reproductive health, nutrition and child development and health policy. These themes are implemented across and within faculties under the leadership of the Deputy Faculty Deans. Details of areas of research interests of KUHeS faculty members and research organization at KUHeS can be accessed on these websites: or The MLW Research Strategy is built on research areas driven by groups, several of which have sub-groups.  The Groups include: Behaviour and Health, Pathogen Biology, HIV and TB, Lung Health, Salmonella and Enteric Disease, Malaria Epidemiology, Clinical and Laboratory Malaria, Vector biology, Mucosal Immunology, Infection and Immunity, Bacteria and Drug resistant Infection, Virology, Tuberculosis and Public Health, Paediatrics and Child Health; as well as Community & Science. For more information, please visit


We are looking for post-doctoral candidates who will work in MLW or KUHeS relevant research areas who are within 2 years after receiving their PhD degree award. Candidates who show potential to develop into independent researchers over time. Who, with senior support and mentorship, will be able to develop competitive international PDR fellowship applications within the period of these bridging fellowships. Our aim is to support talent with exciting research and mentorship opportunities at MLW and/or KUHeS, and where applicable with co-supervision from senior academics from other national or international institutes. The Joint KUHeS/MLW Training Fund (2018-2023) is funded by the Wellcome Trust and aims to support Malawian based candidates.


We will award up to three, one-year fellowships. These will cover the salary of the candidate plus £10,000 funding for eligible research costs or relevant personal development activities including short courses and travel. Applications will be subject to panel review and need to show how they will help the candidate bridge them towards developing a competitive full PDRA application that aligns with the MLW or KUHeS research agenda.

Applications need to include:

  1. An application letter detailing your suitability for the fellowship, motivation and career ambition
  2. A letter of support from a potential (co-)supervisor with a proven research track record in the applicant’s chosen research thematic area.
  3. A detailed CV, include information on academic performance and achievements to date, including any awards and personal distinctions, research grants and/or fellowship funding received, and any relevant outputs, including publications and presentations.
  4. The research group you would like to work with and why. A letter of support from the research group leader will be an added advantage.
  5. Photocopied certificates and transcripts
  6. A 2-page outline fellowship plan with a £10,000 budget. (Including any other existing funding sources that may contribute to the fellowship period).

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by a panel of senior scientists for the final selection of successful candidates. Further guidance on the application requirements can be downloaded from the MLW website (careers & training section). Information on research groups / themes can be found on the above websites.

For any other questions and clarifications, please contact the MLW Training & Development team RSC Training Coordinator on  respectively. Please send applications to: with a CC to The closing date for applications is 22nd July 2022


Posted on Jun 22, 2022