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The Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome (MLW) Programme ( is an internationally recognized centre for research and research training, funded by the Wellcome Trust. In collaboration with the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS), MLW would like to engage the services of a competent and dynamic individual to work in an exciting Research Programme at the MLW Research facility as it is expanding.

Job Summary:

This role is responsible for effectively managing all aspects of risk and compliance within MLW.

The incumbent will be responsible for risk identification, assessment, and management to achieve, MLWs’ objectives and meeting legal, regulatory, contractual and policy requirements, overseeing compliance within MLW, and ensuring compliance with laws, regulatory requirements, policies, and procedures. These activities will contribute to the promotion and development of a compliance culture throughout MLW.



Risk Management

  • Design, implement and lead a risk management framework for the organisation
  • Increase awareness of risks affecting the business in order to create a risk culture
  • Develop and coordinate tailor made risk management training for various target audiences across MLW
  • Facilitate the development and update of departmental and institutional risk registers
  • Manage MLW insurance portfolio and annual renewals
  • Review SOPs and Policies that govern risk management at MLW
  • Manage the MLW risk Management electronic platform


  • The basic tasks of the Compliance function are related to the prevention, detection and management of Compliance risks through the implementation of Compliance activities. These activities contribute to the promotion and development of a compliance culture throughout MLW.
  • Ensure that the Compliance risks are identified, analysed and appraised (Normal risk evaluation process)
  • Identification of Compliance checks: Having prioritised the Compliance risks (through the normal risk evaluation/rating), the Compliance function will identify the policies, procedures and controls MLW must have to prevent, detect and manage those that form part of the scope of the Compliance activity they must implement.
  • Propose the incorporation of new policies, procedures or controls, or the modification of those existing, to improve the tasks of prevention, detection and management of the Compliance risks proper to the Compliance activity they must implement
  • Ensure the creation and dissemination of a Compliance Policy containing the Compliance objectives, staff compliance obligations and the Compliance structures set up to help with this task. The Compliance function will launch training and awareness actions so that MLW’s staff knows what is required of them in terms of the fulfilment of the Compliance obligations that affect them.
  • Set up mechanisms via which MLW’s staff can declare that they know the Compliance obligations that affect them, in the form of periodic confirmations.
  • Integrate the Compliance obligations in MLW’s business processes, so that adherence to them is another part of them and see that they are not represented as parallel or additional formalities or requirements.
  • Develop other related SOPs and Policies that govern compliance at MLW
  • Ensure all institutional SOPs and Policies are documented and centrally managed and raise awareness of the same.

Assessments and Reporting

  • Identifying and communicating as necessary industry developments and changes in best practice for risk and compliance management
  • Ensure regular Risk and Compliance Assessments are undertaken including analysis and reports on developments, exposures, control, breaches and related action plans across
  • Develop quarterly risk and compliance reports for SMT
  • Manage responses to audits and tracking of implementation of audit actions, and report on the same

Training and Awareness

  • The Risk and Compliance ensures that MLW staff receive ongoing training to improve their knowledge of the risk and Compliance obligations that affect their ordinary work, and the policies, procedures and controls related to the risk and Compliance activities for which they are responsible. For these purposes, it will administrate the resources provided MLW to launch the appropriate training courses.
  • The office will ensure that all such trainings are documented and follow ups are made to relevant groups on attending applicable trainings
  • Independently of the above, the risk and Compliance function will be responsible for launching awareness campaigns in order to raise MLW staff’s awareness of the Compliance risks and the policies provided for their prevention, detection and management by means of the Compliance activities it must implement.

Health and Safety

  • Ensure all tasks and activities associated to the role’s operations comply with relevant MLW health and safety policies, procedures and directions.
  • Work with Quality managers within CRSU and Lab to ensure quality in line with internationally defined standards
  • Develop and implement ISO 9001 accreditation to ensure that MLW is aligned to internationally recognised standards





Qualifications and Experience

  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or auditing plus a certification or a master’s degree in the same discipline.
  • Applicants with professional qualifications such as CIA and those studying towards certifications in Internal Auditing will have an added advantage.
  • 5 years’ work experience in in the relevant field.

Personal Specifications

  • Knowledge of Malawian and international Standards for Risk and Compliance Management (COSO and ISO frameworks)
  • Experience with risk and compliance management, frameworks, procedures, and practices.
  • Experience with the development and delivery of risk and compliance training would be advantageous.
  • Ability to identify, interpret and document compliance requirements related to legal, contractual, regulator and financial matters.
  • Experience with any Risk and Compliance software would be an advantage.
  • Good presentation skills, as well as strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Good report writing skills
  • Able to communicate effectively with a wide range of people

Remuneration and Benefits

MLW offers an attractive remuneration package which includes a competitive salary package commensurate with the position, a medical aid scheme, 24 hours insurance cover, pension scheme, gratuity benefits redeemable once every year, among others.

MLW also offers opportunities such as scholarships, upgrading and training opportunities to employees. These are based on successful job performance and other set criteria.

MLW recognizes its responsibility in safeguarding and protecting communities, research participants and patients. Please note that successful candidates will be requested to undergo a safeguarding check prior to appointment and at regular time points during employment.

Suitably qualified candidates should forward their applications with copies of relevant certificates, three (3) contactable referees and a detailed CV to this email   Indicate the job-title and your name in the subject line. Please make sure that all the attachments are saved in your name.

To arrive no later than the 19thAugust, 2022, only short-listed candidates will be acknowledged.

                   Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply


Posted on Aug 09, 2022