Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme

The Clinical Research Excellence and Training Open Resource


The Vision
The Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Programme (MLW) strives to be the best clinical research institute in any low-income country world-wide and now wishes to make a directional step-change by combining postgraduate specialist training of doctors and scientists with research to make health impact.
The core purposes

The CREATOR building will accommodate a 30% increase in MLW based research activity over the next ten years focusing on new contextually relevant, impactful programmes including a focus on the health effects of climate change, means to reduce child stunting and optimise growth, and the accelerated implementation of vaccines using human challenge models.

The value
The value of CREATOR for Malawi and the region will be a step-change in the scale and quality of clinical research, enrichment of Malawian in-country postgraduate specialist education and support of Malawian clinical researchers and opinion leaders.


Prof Stephen Gordon, previous Director of MLW, was appointed CREATOR Lead in 2022. His role is to deliver the CREATOR vision supported by the CREATOR Steering Group which brings together the partners, CREATOR Advisory Roundtable, and the current MLW community.

CREATOR Steering Group

The CSG is a small, active, representative group invited by the CREATOR Lead to help deliver three main objectives:

Coordinate with MLW leadership, particularly the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and CREATOR Design Team to deliver effective completion and occupation of the CREATOR building.
Seek advice from a wider CREATOR Advisory Roundtable formed of stakeholders engaged in Clinical Postgraduate Research and Training in Malawi and internationally to ensure maximum possible inclusion of people and ideas, along with maximising our opportunities to develop.
Develop initiatives and funding applications to deliver the resources needed to deliver the wider CREATOR vision of Clinical Research Excellence and a Training Open Resource at MLW.

CREATOR Steering Group

The CREATOR Advisory Roundtable is a large, representative, open forum of CREATOR stakeholders able to suggest ideas, react to initiatives and give responses to questions from the MLW leadership regarding achieving the CREATOR vision

CAR meetings are open, hybrid and occur approximately every 3 months. The next CAR meetings will be timed around the topping out of the CREATOR building, in June 2023

Stephen Gordon
Kondwani Jambo
Alice Mbewe
Angela Chimwaza
David Lissauer
Ceceilia Phiri
Chimwemwe Theu
Janelisa Musaya
Lindiwe Mafuleka
Marie Gray
Ben Morton
Aubrey Chalira
Sandra Antoine
Marc Henrion
Elia Ngambi
Kyle Wilson
Maureen Mkutumula
Shaffi Mdala
Dr Mwapatsa Mipando
Jen Cornick