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Lab Quality Management Systems Under the Spotlight in Review Meeting

The need to ensure high standards of quality control and operational efficiency prompted the Laboratory Department to host a comprehensive Laboratory Management Review meeting on 16 July 2023.

The gathering which was held at MLW brought together key stakeholders and experts from various departments to assess and enhance the laboratory’s Quality Management Systems (QMS) to ensure suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness.

Quality Manager Joshua Kaphika said management review meetings can help the lab to maintain high standards of quality, comply with relevant standards, and deliver exceptional services to customers and stakeholders.

“These meetings allow lab management to evaluate QMS performance, ensuring that established policies and objectives align with the organization’s goals, identify areas for improvement and necessary changes in procedures, processes, and risk management, and incorporate feedback from staff and laboratory users to enhance the quality of services provided,” said Kaphika.

In attendance were the Lab Management team, Health and Safety Department representatives, CRSU Quality Manager, Risk and Compliance personnel, Lab Project technicians, and the Laboratory Business Consultant. Additionally, Associate Professor Tony Nyirenda and Dr. David Chaima from Kamuzu University of Health Sciences were present, enhancing the exchange of insights and experiences that deepened the understanding of best practices and challenges encountered in laboratory management.

Annual Laboratory Review meetings have been held since 2019. Among the notable achievements highlighted by the review team since its inception in 2019 are lab accreditation, improved communication channels within the lab, enhanced stakeholder relationships, and alignment of stakeholder expectations with the lab’s capabilities.