Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme

Population Health






Who we are 

We are working on a strategy to underpin the Population Health Theme and would like this to be as collaborative as possible, including input from the early- and mid-career researchers who may potentially be aligned to the Population Health Theme and who we see as potential future leaders. 

What we (will) do 

  • Through shared learning, training, and development, support an emerging pipeline of world-leading Malawian research leaders in population health methodologies. 
  • Support outstanding collaborative funding applications to deliver world-leading population health research. 
  • Contribute to the strategic direction of MLW by advocating for emphasis on Population Health strategic appointments, resourcing, and infrastructure. 
  • Develop and advance MLW and global expertise in population health research methods relevant to low-income settings, particularly: 

– High-resolution surveillance, epidemiology, and geospatial statistics to inform better-targeted delivery of health interventions 

– Randomised trial designs, implementation, and analysis methods to rapidly evaluate promising health interventions 

– Health economics, policy, and implementation science to scale up interventions and measure impact 


Co-Theme Lead
Post-Doctoral Researcher