Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme

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MLW has an established
reputation for providing excellent
early career development in a
number of strategic disciplines.

Training at MLW

The Training Committee

The training committee is charged by the Director to the support the high-quality training and professional development of individuals who are working with or who plan to work with the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust (MLW). This is to facilitate the MLW mission to train the next generation of scientists and leaders in research

Current training opportunities

Open calls for applications is advertised within academic institutions for Pre-MSc and Pre-PhD internship support of £14,000 and £20,000 respectively is awarded to successful candidates.

To support current trainees at MLW and COM to travel to attend conferences to disseminate their research or undertake visits to external collaborators or trainings. Over the coming years five travel bursaries for up to £2,800 will be awarded. Applications can be submitted any time of the year and will be reviewed by the TC once every two months during their scheduled meetings.

To support post-doctoral candidates who are within 2 years after receiving their PhD degree award, and who aim to work in MLW or COM relevant research areas. Over the coming year we will award up to three, one-year fellowships. These will cover the stipend of the candidate plus £10,000 funding for eligible research costs or relevant personal development activities including short courses and travel. Applications are considered as part of dedicated calls and will be subject to panel review and interview and need to show how they will help the candidate bridge them towards developing a competitive full PDRA application that aligns with the MLW or COM research agenda.

To support current trainees at MLW and COM to become competitive for their next training /fellowship applications. Over the coming year, the Training Committee (TC) will award up to 5 small grants of up to £5,000. Small grants can be used to help the trainees collate preliminary data for subsequent funding applications. Applications can be submitted any time of the year and will be reviewed by the TC once every two months during its scheduled meetings.

To support current PhD candidates at MLW and COM (or upcoming candidates who have secured PhD funding) to help maximize their PhD experience and output. Over the coming years up to five scholarships for up to £20,000 per person will be awarded.

Research Training Opportunities

Operations Funding

Diploma courses

Funding for a maximum of 20 diplomas are included in departmental training plans, with Head of Department as budget holder.

Bachelor and master’s degree

Calls for applications to support bachelor and master’s degrees will be put out for applicants to compete through a centralized screening process. Total funding of £30k for 5 Bachelors courses and £75k for 5 Masters courses has been set aside for these courses.


Leadership and Management Training

Individuals from both operations and research can apply for participation in these courses run by experienced external development experts twice a year for the next 3 years.

General Courses

Short cross cutting courses held centrally are offered to both academic and operational staff.

Bachelor and master’s degree

Applications for funding on emergent short courses are made to the training committee and individual applications are reviewed and funded after approval.

Meet Some of Our Students

Kennedy Kind Zembere

BSc (Mw) Pre-MSc Intern, Vector Biology

Rosheen Mthawanji

BSc MSc Vector Biology Research Associate

Melody Sakala

BEDs MA Health Management Planning and Policy

Phylis Mzanga

BScN Ed Project Manager

Lizzie Tchongwe Divala

BSc MSc Molecular Biology Research Fellow

Latif Ndeketa

MBBS MSc Vaccinology Clinical Research Associate