Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme

Infection Biology






Who we are

The Infection Biology Theme brings together research groups with a wide range of expertise in pathogen surveillance, microbial genomics, immunology, virology, vaccinology and antimicrobial resistance linked to the cutting-edge laboratory facilities at MLW. Our research bridges the gap between the laboratory and clinical spheres, promoting research excellence and leadership in the biological science of infection to benefit health.

What we (will) do

  • Through interdisciplinary collaboration we will:
  • Generate synergy to stimulate innovative approaches to enhance understanding of host-pathogen interactions for scientific and public health impact.
  • Conduct research spanning the translational pathway from basic science to clinical trials and public health effectiveness studies.
  • Strategically plan our research agenda to address local, national and international health priorities.
  • Strengthen capacity for research in Malawi and Africa by supporting the development of the next generation of researchers in a conducive and stimulating environment.
  • Promote knowledge exchange between local and international scientists, policy makers and local communities, utilising communication platforms available at MLW.