Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme

The CREATOR Building

We have produced a design for the CREATOR building, which strikes a balance between having a modern scientific appealing and welcoming appearance, combined with high technical performance specifications and longevity. The orientation of the building facing south is optimised for minimal midday heating and the air conditioning system is intelligent and environmentally sensitive

Training Open Resource

The Training Open Resource is a fully accessible, versatile space for small, interactive specialist training courses. There are training rooms, a webinar theatre for hybrid teaching, electronic poster display areas and many small breakout spaces. Good coffee will be available and the option to take the conversations on to the beautiful South Lawn.

Postgraduate Library and Innovation Hub

This space, the first postgraduate medical library in Malawi, will offer peaceful secure study space with reliable internet at all hours and days of the week. In addition, there will be a librarian offering postgraduate grant information and publication support, as well as literature searching and systematic review training.

There are meeting rooms nearby, quiet reading spaces and plenty of internet enabled terminals, with networked printers and templates for papers, theses, posters, and talks.

In easy reach of the wards, and with an inspiring view of the hills, and with internet calling pods for quite online conversation, this will be a wonderful learning environment for postgraduate trainees and their mentors.

Research at the CREATOR

The second and third floors are research spaces designed to promote Clinical Research Excellence. After consultation around the world, we have designed multi-disciplinary team spaces around large open tables. Group meeting breakout rooms and small kitchens make these spaces interactive promoting collaboration.

Three Research Themes will occupy each of the two research floors – Population Health, Vaccines, and Clinical & Experimental Medicine on the second floor, with Social Sciences, Infection Biology, and Maternal, Neonatal & Child Health on the third floor. Research Support Unit and Operational Department teams will work across the research spaces.

CREATOR Laboratories

Single-cell transcriptomics, modern imaging and rapid pathogen sequencing for outbreak responsiveness will be accommodated in the new 4th floor laboratory. CREATOR laboratories are innovative, and technology driven. Malawi’s state-of-the-art insectory will be housed on this floor. As technology progresses, we will technology transfer out to our high-volume established MLW laboratories and bring in further new techniques. Our ethos is one of innovation, collaboration and forward-thinking to bring the most advanced and relevant science to Malawi

The Far View

Research life is full of high moments, like a trainee passing their PhD, or the publication of a new discovery. These are times of reflection, when we look out to the future, to the next great idea. The Far View roof terrace is the perfect place to celebrate these moments and to imagine the next celebration.