Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme

Policy Unit

MLW’s Policy Unit strives to be leader in health services and systems policy within Malawi’s leading research institution, MLW. Working at the intersection of MLW and its excellent science, and the policy and decision-making arena in Malawi, regionally and internationally, the Policy Unit’s main aim is to strengthen the influence and impact of research and other academic products from across the Institution on policy priorities, design, implementation and evaluation.

The Unit has an academic component along side its support function.

In its support function, it supports MLW connect with decision making processes as a science leader in order to influence and advise policy agendas. In addition, it acts as an institutional knowledge intermediary creating linkages and opportunities for MLW’s research to inform decisions, policies and practice and improve impact.

In its academic function, research scientists in the policy unit aspire to build and advance a health policy research portfolio aligned with MLW’s priority research areas. To this end, it’s policy fellows are carrying out research in areas of interest including policy engagement, health information technologies, health management quality, and health governance.