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MLW Researchers Take TB Research to Airwaves

Two researchers from The Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Research Programme  (MLW)    took to the airways to unveil a new study aimed at streamlining TB treatment to the public. Dr. Mphatso Phiri, a researcher at MLW, disclosed that the study was prompted by mounting concerns regarding the lengthy duration and adverse effects associated with TB treatment on Umoyo Nkukambirana Radio Programme on Times Radio.

“Concerns have been raised about the extended six-month duration of TB medication, coupled with side effects such as fatigue and peripheral neuropathy (when the nerves outside of your brain and spinal cord don’t work like they should leading to health problems),” stated Dr. Phiri during the  radio programme

He proceeded to explain that the ongoing A multiple arm, multiple stage (MAMS), phase 2B/C, open label, randomized, controlled platform trial at Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS) aims to reduce the duration of tuberculosis treatment to three months. Phineus Jonasi, a staunch supporter of health initiatives from Machinga, commended the research team for their commendable and relevant efforts.

“I extend my gratitude to these researchers for undertaking such a noble study, which promises to improve our lives and marks a significant step towards eradicating TB,” expressed Jonasi.

Among the inquiries from the audience, a prevalent query revolved around the established connection between Tuberculosis and HIV. Researchers clarified that there is indeed a relationship, as HIV compromises an individual’s immunity, making them more susceptible to diseases like TB.

In the same radio programme, Dr. Marriot Nliwasa, a scientist at KUHeS, underscored the importance of medication adherence, emphasizing that consistent drug use is paramount in the fight against TB. He cautioned against irregular drug usage, which could heighten the risk of drug resistance and impede recovery.

In alignment with the global theme “Yes, We Can End TB,” MLW dedicated time to educating the public on the causes, signs, symptoms, interventions, and recommendations related to TB in its weekly radio programme titled “Umoyo N’kukambirana” on Times Radio.