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Ruth Kofi Secures UGRAD Funding

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Ruth Kofi Secures UGRAD Funding

Ruth,is a Science for All intern and works in the Infection and Immunity group led by Associate Professor Kondwani Jambo. She assists researchers with laboratory work on different projects.

She joined MLW in April 2019, shortly after being accepted to the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) for her Bachelor of Science in Immunology and Virology.

“Working in the MLW research atmosphere has helped me comprehend what research entails. That includes developing a research topic/question, creating experiments, setting up experiments, executing experiments, and analyzing and publishing the results. I now have a broader understanding of the research areas I can concentrate on for my master’s and PhD thanks to the MLW research environment. The knowledge and skills I acquire from the MLW research environment are a major factor in my high academic performance”.

Ruth made it as a finalist for the highly competitive, fully funded US Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (UGRAD). Students are sent into different UGRAD host colleges and attend their school for a semester.

The programme promotes mutual understanding between people of the United States and other countries in the following ways:
• Providing a fulfilling exchange experience to drive academic, cross-cultural, and leadership competencies for students from Global UGRAD countries.
• Enhancing students’ academic knowledge and professional skills needed to pursue long-term academic and career goals.
• Cultivating students’ comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the U.S.
• Facilitating opportunities for students to establish social networks with U.S. host institutions and local communities.
• Empowering students to engage constructively in the civic life of their local and global communities.

Ruth is elated by this achievement and had this to say, “I’ll get to know other young leaders from the USA and other nations thanks to this opportunity. Additionally, the program will help me better comprehend US culture and expand my social and academic networks. There is a program for Ugrad alumni where they can brainstorm initiatives and collaborate. This accomplishment is one of my steppingstones toward becoming an immunology researcher. I’m grateful for the support and mentorship I received from my supervisors Associate Professor Kondwani Jambo, Dr. Marah Chibwana, and Dr. David Mzinza, during the application process.

Congratulations Ruth! Go and represent MLW!

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