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Celebrating The Heroines: MLW Hosts A Mother’s Day Celebration Event

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Celebrating The Heroines: MLW Hosts A Mother’s Day Celebration Event

In a spirited effort to honour and empower mothers and women, the Health and Safety Department under the Malawi Liverpool Welcome Programme (MLW), organised a celebratory event in commemoration of Mother’s Day. This event, held on 19 October 2023, was an inspiring gathering that addressed critical issues affecting women. 

The event served as a platform for fostering awareness about key women-related topics, including breast cancer, property ownership and writing wills, and the vital role that mothers play in building strong families. 

The issue of breast cancer took centre stage at the event, where attendees were provided with essential information about the disease. Discussions delved into the nature of breast cancer, its warning signs and symptoms, and available treatment options.  

A representative of the Malaria Project Anne Chavula emphasised the pivotal role of mothers in maintaining the well-being of their families. She underscored, “A strong family starts with a woman; although the man is considered the head of the family, it is the woman who holds it together.” 

Property ownership was another significant topic, and Chief of the Blantyre Legal Aid Bureau Sigere Chirwa articulately presented on the subject. Chirwa shed light on the societal undervaluation of women as property owners and encouraged women to take a proactive stance in securing their property rights. She emphasized the importance of drafting wills to ensure that their property is distributed according to their wishes after their passing. 

Chirwa, in an exclusive interview, reiterated the significance of property ownership stating, “Owning property empowers women, granting them the freedom to provide for others and share their wisdom. Women without property are less empowered than men, so we encourage them to become property owners and draft wills to secure their desired property distribution.” 

Participants at the event expressed their keenness and gratitude for the insights they gained. One attendee remarked that she felt fortunate to have been part of the event, as it provided her with invaluable knowledge and real-life examples to draw inspiration from, reinforcing her commitment to self-improvement as a woman. 

Adding to the celebratory atmosphere, the event featured lively local music, prompting attendees to rise from their seats and dance to the irresistible tunes that echoed Malawian culture and heritage. 

In Malawi, Mother’s Day is traditionally celebrated on the 15 October each year, paying homage to the invaluable role that mothers play in raising children and nurturing families. This occasion also signifies the nation’s recognition of women as the mothers of the nation, commemorating their significant contributions to society.  

The Mother’s Day event underscored the importance of women’s issues and empowered participants with knowledge and encouragement to pursue their goals and rights as women in society. It served as a powerful reminder of the central role women play in building strong families and nurturing communities. 


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