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Clinical Awards Recognise Excellent Performers

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Clinical Awards Recognise Excellent Performers

On 22 December 2022, clinicians held their Annual Clinical Awards to celebrate the exceptional work demonstrated by the clinicians at MLW in 2022.

The aim of these awards was to acknowledge and motivate clinical staff go above and beyond.

The overall outstanding performer was awarded to Clinical Officer Sylvester Kaimba, who emerged as a winner from the four names that were nominated on the day.

In his remarks, Kaimba highlighted that the secret to his success and performance is knowledge of one’s purpose.

Kaimba said, “I am delighted to receive this award today, representing my fellow dedicated clinicians who go beyond duty calls. On behalf of my fellow clinicians and MLW management, I would like to say, healthcare workers, both clinical and non-clinical, play an integral role in the success of MLW research and Malawi’s health.”

Speaking at the awards ceremony, CRSU Manager, Brian Ngwira said, “The nominations and awards received in the year 2022 by both individuals and groups within the Clinical Department, demonstrate the hard work and commitment from the team. What stands out the most is the growth of the individuals within the team.”

Clinical awards have been a trend for some years now. Before the awards day, groups are asked to nominate the best clinical staff from studies, Continuous Professional Development (CDP) training performers, and overall best clinical performers. Over 20 nurses and clinicians were awarded on this day.

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