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Diana Mwaipaya Completes her Bachelors Degree

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Diana Mwaipaya Completes her Bachelors Degree

Translation and transcription (T&T) roles are often seen as having limited opportunities for professional advancement. “Many individuals fail to recognise the potential for growth within these roles, which can hinder the pursuit of numerous opportunities in the social sciences field. Upon joining MLW, I aimed to challenge this perception by setting a long-term goal to enhance my skills. I embarked on a journey to improve my professional capabilities and was fortunate to receive a 4-year scholarship to study for a Bachelor of Arts in Community Development at Exploits University.

This course has expanded my understanding of terminology used within community contexts, encompassing culture, demographics, and interpersonal dynamics relevant to ethnography. Consequently, this has enhanced the accuracy and supportiveness of data translation, facilitating precise findings during the data evaluation and analysis process, and providing the research organisation with meaningful research outcomes. An institution of MLW’s calibre, known for its excellence and integrity in health-related research, values such dedication.

Furthermore, I have acquired additional skills, including community engagement, mobilisation, project facilitation, and data coding and analysis. A comprehensive comprehension of ethnographic terminology within community settings is yet another skill that significantly contributes to the accurate interpretation of qualitative data and the production of meaningful research findings.”

Congratulations Diana!!

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