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Embracing Hope: MLW’s Maternal and Fetal Group Extend Hands to Cyclone Freddy’s Victims

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Embracing Hope: MLW’s Maternal and Fetal Group Extend Hands to Cyclone Freddy’s Victims

On October 25, 2023, the Maternal and Fetal Health Group of the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme conducted an outreach visit to Namchidwa camp in Mulanje Muloza to support victims of Cyclone Freddy. This visit primarily focused on assisting pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and adolescent females who had been adversely affected by the cyclone.

The group provided various essential items to the victims, such as wrappers, soap, water purification liquid, porridge flour, basins, and more. The Maternal Fetal Health Group collaborates with its subsidiary department, Patient and Public Involvement, in conducting research.

The Project Manager of the Maternal and Fetal Health Group Bertha Maseko expressed their mission to extend assistance to women enduring hardships resulting from unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters. Their objective is to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges these women face and identify the kind of support they require.

“While our primary role involves maternal and fetal research, we believe it is essential to be present here at Namchidwa camp to uplift the women affected by the cyclone and learn about their needs. These insights will guide our future efforts in aiding them,” said Maseko.

In a supportive gesture, Village Head Maxwell Chibwana stressed the significance of organisations helping during challenging times.

“As a community leader responsible for the well-being of the people in this area, it is heartbreaking to witness their suffering. Seeing groups like MLW (Malawi Liverpool Wellcome) actively helping the community is truly commendable. I wish to express my gratitude to and encourage MLW for their remarkable work,” he said.

One of the camp’s residents affected by the cyclone Alinafe Mafupa expressed her appreciation for the assistance they had received. She also appealed for additional aid, as the cyclone had washed away all their belongings, including kitchen utensils, leaving them in dire need of further support.

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