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Emerging Insights Makes a Triumphant Come Back

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Emerging Insights Makes a Triumphant Come Back

Ater a prolonged absence the ‘Emerging Insights on Health Research’ television show has made a remarkable comeback to television screens across Malawi.

The programme, known for its evidence based and informative content, became known during its pilot phase which aired four episodes only in 2022. Its revival comes in response to a growing need for reliable health information and knowledge about MLW health research in Malawi.

With the aim of reaching out to a wider audience with health research information, the relaunched show will delve into a diverse range of health subjects.

“We have made the programme more interactive, entertaining, and as engaging as possible. We are also finding ways to lighten up information delivery. We realised that the pilot episodes needed more interaction and entertainment for most of our lay audiences. However, the content and objectives of the programme remain the same. By featuring leading scientist and renowned experts from MLW, the show will bring to light science discoveries and health innovations to our viewers,” said Communications and Media Engagement Coordinator Luke Manja.

The first comeback episode of the show aired on 11 May, featuring the Salmonella and Enterics Group from MLW. The guests on this episode, Professor Melita Gordon and Dr Nedson Chasweka shed light on the efficacy and the significance of the recently launched typhoid vaccine. Gordon and Chasweka also highlighted the role which the group played in the development of the vaccine.

The programme will adopt an interactive approach to engage viewers, incorporating question and answers sessions, and engaging participants on online platforms.

The Emerging Insights in Health Research Programme will be aired every mid-month on Fridays at 6:30 pm, and Sundays at 5:00 pm on Malawi Broadcasting Corporation.

Manja has urged everyone to always tune in for cutting-edge discoveries.

Follow the link to find the first episode of the programme: Emerging Insights in Health Video

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