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Hearing for all: Listen-Hear Project Organises World Hearing Day Event

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Hearing for all: Listen-Hear Project Organises World Hearing Day Event

The World Hearing Day event, hosted by the Listen-Hear Project, took place on March 1, 2024, at Mulunguzi Secondary School in Zomba. This initiative was aligned with the global observance of World Hearing Day, scheduled for March 3, 2024.

Dr. Thomas Hampton, the principal investigator of the Listen-Hear Study, emphasised that the event was organised in line with the study’s objective of ensuring universal access to hearing aids, especially for children facing educational challenges due to hearing impairments. Hampton underscored the significance of raising awareness and helping those in need of hearing support. He stressed the importance of early detection and basic ear care, stating that most hearing issues, particularly in Malawi, can be effectively treated if identified promptly.

Denice Shima, a student from a special needs secondary school, expressed her satisfaction with the event, highlighting that it helped individuals with  hearing impairments to view their condition positively. She emphasised that such events not only enhance awareness but also promote inclusivity within the community, showcasing unity and support among students and community members toward each other.

The Listen-Hear Study has conducted screenings for approximately 350 students in Blantyre, revealing that 7% of them have hearing difficulties. However, studies conducted in rural areas indicate that around 20% of children encounter similar issues.

During the event, the Sound Seekers Group from Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital conducted screening sessions before the main programme. Various engaging activities such as poetry, music, drama, and dance performances, including those by the renowned Chichiri Cultural Troop, captivated the audience and left them in high spirits.

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