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Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme Extends Support to QECH

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Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme Extends Support to QECH

In a concerted effort to address the challenges hindering safe motherhood, researcher Louise Afran, representing the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Research Programme and supported by the Chan Zuckerberg Foundation, has  contributed clinical consumables to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH). Afran emphasised the urgent necessity for this donation, stating, “The shortage of resources is severely impacting clinical operations in the Chatinkha Ward at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.”

Afran elaborated on the collaborative synergy between the paediatric and obstetric departments, stating, “We collaborate closely with the paediatric and obstetric department to conduct innovative health research aimed at benefiting children.” The Trained Immunity in BCG-vaccinated African Infants (TIA) study which Afran leads identified a significant need for equipment and supplies in the Chatinkha wards and promptly extended assistance.

The donation, valued at approximately 2 million Malawi Kwacha, encompassed vital items including BP cuffs, child-friendly thermometers (both digital and infrared), pulse oximeters, baby scales, otoscopes, laryngoscopes, syringes, ceramic wall heaters, and BMI calculators.

Afran emphasised the expected positive impact of the donated items on enhancing safe motherhood practices, stating, “We anticipate that these donated items will facilitate comprehensive screening and assessment of mothers and babies before and after delivery.”

Expressing gratitude, Afran extended heartfelt thanks to the leadership of QECH, specifically acknowledging Dr. George Chagaluka, Dr. Kondwani Kawaza, Dr. Luis Gadama, and all nursing staff, for their unwavering support in conducting clinical research within their respective departments. She underscored the pivotal role of clinical support, affirming, “Myself, Dr. David Lissauer, and the entire TIA team deeply value and recognise the importance of clinical support. We are committed to nurturing positive relationships and fostering future collaborations.”

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