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Maternal Health Prioritization Meeting Stirs Positive Anger

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Maternal Health Prioritization Meeting Stirs Positive Anger

In a move aimed at improving maternal and neonatal health outcomes in Malawi, a national maternal health needs prioritization meeting took place on 25 May in Salima. The NIHR Safe Motherhood Team at Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme (MLW), Ministry of Health (Reproductive Health Directorate), University of Liverpool, Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHES), Malawi Epidemiology Interventions Research Unit (MEIRU) and other key healthcare stakeholders and experts attended the meeting.

Beston Chitsamira who is also The Principal Secretary for Administration in the Ministry of Health said the coming together of various research and health institutions will stimulate positive response to challenges faced by the maternal and neonatal care constituency.

“The Ministry of Health and key partners have collaborated to provide quality care to maternal health. However, Malawi continues to struggle to reduce maternal mortality ratio particularly in rural and low-income settings. This meeting will help us share ideas which will help us identify and address the short falls to progress,” he said.

MLW’s Associate Professor Linda Nyondo Mipando said; “The conversation on maternal health is timely because it is collecting views from various people and giving us a comprehensive review. The discussion will also help the health experts to identify key maternal and neonatal issues and champion for influencing change in these prioritized areas,”

A young mother shared her experience of enduring maternal sepsis which led to the loss of her womb, and the toll it took on her mental health.

“Each passing day brings a mix of hope, frustration, and fear. I feel sad every time I remember that I lost my womb, and I will never give birth again. I plead with clinicians to pay attention and take care of pregnant mothers throughout the process,” she said.

The president for Association of Malawian Midwives (AMAMI) Keith Lipato, said the experience which was shared by the young mother aroused anger and it is impossible to let this anger go without stirring action.











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