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MLW Engages CAG Members to Strategise on 2024

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MLW Engages CAG Members to Strategise on 2024

On 21st February, MLW, through the Communications and Public Engagement Department, held a Community Advisory Group (CAG) meeting in Blantyre to review studies, recruitments, and community engagement activities.

The feedback sessions revealed that most of the studies were proceeding as planned in the district districts, as people now have a better understanding of health research and the importance of participating in research studies. However, CAG members noted that various factors, including religious and cultural beliefs, may hinder people from participating in health research. They recommended intensifying community awareness campaigns to address misinformation and misconceptions that discourage participation in MLW studies.

According to MLW’s Community Engagement Coordinator, Yamikani Dickson, the CAG structures help the organisation promote ethical research in communities by facilitating two-way communication and understanding of research issues.

During the meetings, new and ongoing studies were presented to the CAG members, who then had the opportunity to ask questions and provide input for the successful execution of the studies. Studies presented included the M72 TB Vaccine Trial, Sero-Surv, Shire-Vec, Triple, Lung Covid, and TIA studies. The CAG members appealed for the dissemination of study results following the completion of the studies.

Every quarter, the Communications and Public Engagement Department engages CAG members in a one-day session aimed at obtaining feedback on research conducted in their respective communities and sharing information about new studies and progress on ongoing studies.

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