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MLW harness the power of diversity

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MLW harness the power of diversity

MLW recently organized a workplace diversity event aimed at celebrating diversity, building trust, and empowering employees from various backgrounds within MLW.

The theme of the event which occurred on 2 June 2023 at MLW headquarters in Blantyre was ‘Behind MLW’s Excellent Health Research’.  The event brought together employees from different departments and backgrounds to promote understanding, respect, interaction, and networking.

“In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, fostering diversity and inclusivity in the workplace is an essential aspect for progression.” One of the event organizers, occupational health nurse Stephen Amos said.

The day was marked by a series of engaging activities and exhibitions designed to facilitate knowledge sharing, conversations and foster a sense of belonging among employees.

Reflecting on the event, warehouse officer at MLW Gift Mozeland said; “this day served as a catalyst for fostering understanding and appreciation of each other’s work”.

A research coordinator Effitta Masoamphambe expressed her gratitude, stating, “This event has been an eye-opening experience for me. It has helped me appreciate the value of different departments and how it makes MLW a conducive working environment. It was such a pleasant experience!”

“The event showed how dedicated every department is in working towards the achievement of MLW’s objectives and goals. The exhibitions have also strengthened interdepartmental relationships and facilitated the exchange of innovative ideas,” Field Research Assistant from COCOSU study Steven Lanken highlighted.

The event concluded with a keynote address by the health and safety manager Wezie Gondwe who stressed the organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. She also emphasized the importance of embracing diversity as a driving force behind MLW’s success.


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