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MLW’s CREATOR Open Day Unveils Game-Changing Research Facility

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MLW’s CREATOR Open Day Unveils Game-Changing Research Facility

On 20 October 2023, Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme (MLW) hosted a Clinical Research Excellence and Training Open Resource (CREATOR) Open Day for its staff, chiefs, and other stakeholders to tour the state-of-the-art infrastructure under construction.

The Open Day turned MLW into a beehive of attraction with various stakeholders in the health sector visiting the research center to appreciate the value and impact of the intriguing CREATOR building.

Addressing the Stakeholders, MLW’s CREATOR Lead Professor Stephen Gordon said the infrastructure will be of relevance to all players in research as it provides an environment for researchers to collaborate and co-create solutions to growing climate change-related problems.

He said that with the CREATOR Building research will expand by 30%, cutting across various topics of interest to the country and region.

Blantyre District Health Office’s Biomedical Engineer and Maintenance Supervisor Christina Kalulu said the CREATOR will be key in fast-tracking medical solutions to health problems affecting Malawi and the global in general.

“The CREATOR Building will help in creating solutions for emergencies choking the country be it climate-related and several others. It will also spur collaboration between innovative minds in the health sector who will eventually come up with novel but also lasting solutions to this challenge,” Kalulu stated.

During the Open Day, the CREATOR Building visits were planned in series as explorers took turns to have a firsthand look at the cutting-edge facility under construction.

On behalf of Chiefs, Senior Group Village Headman Namila of Chikwawa District said, “The CREATOR Building will immensely benefit the country by providing a learning environment for students pursuing various research studies.”

The CREATOR Building works are expected to end by June 2024.

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